Data Science
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Data Science: From data overflow to data added-value

Every single second data are generated and collected in your organisation and processes. Whether technical system data or data from your business processes: there is huge potential behind this quantity of data. Are you taking advantage of this potential?

We help you to create added value from your data!

With our data science services, we help you to manage your data sets, to analyse them efficiently and to gain insights for decision-making. We offer services across the entire data lifecycle:

Master your data with Big Data Management

  • Database management e.g. SAP HANA, Hadoop, No-SQL
  • Handling unstructured data
  • Big data containers and data safes
  • Data migration and back-up

Gain insights from your data with Data Analytics

  • Data preparation: Correction / fault tolerance, data enrichment, plausibility
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Statistical, numerical methods
  • Predictive systems

Create the basis for decisions with Data Vision

  • Presentation concepts and preparation of results
  • Usability optimisation, control and interaction concepts
  • Reporting
  • User interfaces, tool development and integration

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