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Ensuring the security of embedded and IT systems has become a key challenge in many fields – in particular, in the automotive, industrial and military environments. To achieve this, it is essential that security is regarded as a process that interacts with all stages of the product or system lifecycle, covering not just design and implementation, but also testing and training.

With our holistic approach, we provide cyber security services throughout the entire product lifecycle, helping you to make your systems secure and be well prepared to effectively counter cyber threats.


Our experts can help you to improve the security of your embedded and IT systems.

Security architecture: At a technical level, we analyse security requirements and verify the design in an end-to-end system evaluation (sensor to backend, Car-to-X). We develop relevant countermeasures and hardening guides for real-time operating systems, and also advise on the integration of security functionalities. At an organisational level, we help you to develop and set up processes such as Information Security Management Systems (according to ISO 27001 / BSI-Grundschutz) and disaster recovery planning.

Threat and risk analysis: In end-to-end security assessments and risk analyses for safety-critical systems – covering all aspects from sensor to backend – we identify assets, assess impacts, determine threat scenarios and analyse potentiality. As a result we can identify attack vectors, thus providing a good basis for making risk mitigation or risk acceptance decisions. We also define appropriate, economical countermeasures.


In our Cyber Labs we carry out analyses and tests in a realistic but risk-free environment.

Functional security testing: We evaluate all security-related functions of the system and test for compliance to specifications and standards. We also check how algorithms behave and how robust the implementation is (e.g. stress test).

Vulnerability scanning / fuzzing: We test for known vulnerabilities in your systems, applying white box (code analysis), black box (scanning) and fuzzing methods.

Penetration testing: At a system and device level we perform penetration tests on embedded systems, web applications, IT and specialised systems (e.g. SAP, Industrial Control Systems)

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