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Protecting innovativeness from cybercrime and industrial espionage, as well as regulatory compliance, are imperative for businesses today. In all technical safeguards, the human factor remains a key point in the prevention, detection, defence and elimination of attacks. We provide the necessary skills holistically and highly efficiently in our modern Cyber Simulation & Training Center.

Your employees are your most important protection against cyber attacks. Do you make use of this?
Alert employees play a vital role in preventing complex cyber attacks. Our interactive awareness training sensitises your employees to be conscious of risks when using IT.

Can you ensure that cyber attacks can be detected and managed professionally?
In order to recognise complex attacks with existing security tools at an early stage, practical experience and drills are necessary. Your IT specialists can gain these skills with intensive training in our innovative simulation center, where we model corporate networks with common security technologies. We train your employees to the highest intensity to detect and defend against attacks. We challenge your IT professionals with fully automatic attacks under highly realistic conditions and keep them fit for action in real emergencies.

Don’t leave the security of your company just to technology, qualify your employees!

Our services

We offer comprehensive training and services across the cyber security cycle:
Awareness: Training and awareness campaigns for all employees
Security by Design: Development of secure systems, testing
Prevention: Development of preventive and protective measures
Operation: Secure enterprise operations in accordance with compliance requirements
Detection: Early detection of cyber attacks
Response: Targeted response to attacks, restoration of operations
Forensics: Searching for, securing and analysing traces

Our training philosophy: Relevance, usability and sustainability of knowledge for our trainees are our top priority. That's why we
• advise you on your specific training needs
• guarantee trainings by experienced experts
• train your employees using the latest simulation technology
• offer you individual training - tailor-made and on-site
• keep your know-how up-to-date in our bootcamps

We make your training possible, how and where you need it!

Would you like to learn more?

For queries regarding the Cyber Simulation Center, please contact Lisa Klement:
Tel. +49-89-9216-14392, E-Mail

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