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Getting innovative solutions on the rails

The complexity of the rail system is increasing continuously. Smart information and communication systems have become an essential driver for the transport industry.

At ESG we have more than 50 years of expertise advanced technologies covering development of complete systems as well as software and process issues in a variety of industries - especially aerospace, automotive, defense.

ESG provides the following services as an added value for our customers' business:

  • Process and technology consulting
  • Engineering and product support services
  • Complete solution provider (e.g. for (sub)systems, test centers)

From consulting through requirements, architecture design, development and integration of systems and software, and up to after-sales product support, we can support you throughout the entire product life cycle. We have both the project infrastructure and the experience required to implement support you with fixed-price.


Transportation at ESG - your advantages:

  • Value through innovation
    Our highly innovative solutions based on established cross-industry technology transfer gives us a decisive competitive edge.
  • Strong implementation skills
    We effectively improve the entire product life cycle by applying best practices and methods as a complete solution provider.
  • ESG as a reliable partner
    We assume the overall responsibility for complex projects on behalf of, and in close coordination with, our customers.

Our work results meet the highest approval and (IT) security requirements, as is demonstrated by a multitude of references in the aerospace industry as well as the automotive and defense sectors.



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