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ESG completes upgrades for Rhineland-Palatinate Police Helicopters

ESG´s PTANG an Mission Management System will further improve the capabilities of Rhineland-Palatinate´s Police.

22.02. 2018

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH has completed the modification of two EC135P2+ for the Rhineland-Palatinate Police. The delivery of the second helicopter took place shortly after the EASA approved the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC).
The changes involved integration of the Star SAFIRE 380-HDc Electrooptical System into the high landing gear, integration of ESG’s newly developed Police Tactical Workstation (PTANG) Operator Workstation and ESG’s software-defined Mission Management System (ESGMM), an additional foldable cockpit display, HD-Downlink system and EuroNav 7 including SATCOM and FLARM.
The PTANG Operator Workstation is the most compact system on the market. It is equipped with two 15 or 17’’ inch full HD displays aligned on top of each other, DZUS slots for equipment such as video recorders, switches, circuit breakers and accessories. Installed in the H135/145 cabin, either on the left or right side, it gives extra room for additional specialists. During flight, tilt and distance of the displays can be rapidly adjusted to the operator’s ergonomic needs. Designed for robust law enforcement missions, the operator workstation has a damage-tolerant design and can be mounted quickly without tools.
ESGMM is optimised for high-performance video management with very low latency. Tactical digital mapping and augmented reality “TaViO” with customized overlays are complemented with broad data management and sensor fusion functions. The software provides a clean-sheet ergonomic graphical user interface, that is optimised for touchscreen operation with gloves. ESGMM offers a broad spectrum of functions and is adaptable to customer-specific requirements.

With PTANG and ESGMM, ESG - as a hardware-impartial aircraft integrator, system designer and software company - has designed a system, which can be seamlessly delivered as a turn-key solution for the customer’s needs. As a medium-sized enterprise with its own Product Support Center, ESG is perfectly positioned to ensure stable long-term support.
As an EASA Part 21 J Design Organisation, ESG has developed a set of STCs for operator workstations, a software-defined mission management system, search lights and electrooptical systems. The modular design of these solutions allows low-risk modifications to the very special needs of HEMS and SAR operators, as well as police and other law enforcement operators.
ESG’s EASA Part 21 G Production Organisation can deliver STC integration kits that enable customers to undertake integration within a EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation. All fixed provisions and the removable parts – including the electrooptical system - are delivered with EASA Form 1 and their associated installation documentation and manuals.


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