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Germany's first Cyber Simulation Center in operation with AVNET simulation software.

Test, train and optimize effective defence against cyber attacks with modern simulation technology.

13.12. 2017

From 1st January 2018, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH will operate its innovative Cyber Simulation & Training Center (CSTC) from a new location in Munich city centre, Germany. The Center has been in operation since 1st July 2017 at the company’s headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck, providing cyber defence training services for customers in the automotive, energy, financial, chemical, public, engineering and defence sectors.
At this sophisticated “cyber range”, ESG brings together its extensive IT, simulation and training expertise with the Tame Range simulation software from the Israeli company AVNET Cyber Security to provide a range of cyber defence training and testing services. In this modern simulation environment, individuals and entire teams can train and optimize the defence of IT networks, as well as test countermeasures. Customer-specific IT network infrastructures can be replicated in the simulation so that their security can be tested realistically and completely risk-free.

Kai Horten, ESG’s CEO, said. "The combination of advanced simulation technology from Avnet, our deep understanding of threat scenarios that are relevant to the customer and our combined experience in cyber security and cyber defence training help us to make a significant contribution to the protection against cyber threats - real added value for our customers."
Igal Cohen, CEO of AVNET Cyber Security, commented, "This is the first step in a long and strategic partnership with ESG. This partnership will develop new and advanced cyber security capabilities for its clients. We are witnessing a significant rise in cyber-attacks world-wide and an increase in their complexity, duration and sophistication. In light of these events, organizations must develop their cyber security capabilities by relying on skilled cyber security professionals. In this new reality "Tame Range" serves a key role in building the organizations workforce capabilities to withstand today's threats."

At the CSTC, customers can quickly build up and continuously update the capabilities necessary for protection against cyber attacks so that they can effectively confront the ever-changing spectrum of threats. In cyber defence training courses, participants can acquire the necessary know-how to recognize and successfully tackle attacks on IT networks. In cyber defence exercises, the participants work together as a team under highly realistic conditions to deal with cyber attacks and their consequences in a coordinated and efficient manner. The Center’s secure simulation environment also provides an optimal risk-free test platform, for example, for analyzing network vulnerabilities, testing security tools, as well as verifying and optimizing IT security concepts. These services are particularly aimed at IT security architects, IT administrators, IT security officers, computer emergency response teams (CERT) and security operations centers (SOCs).

About ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH:
For fifty years, ESG has been one of Germany's leading companies for the development, integration and operation of complex, frequently security-relevant, electronic and IT systems. More than 1600 employees around the world provide logistics, system development, training and consultancy services for military, government and industry customers. Independent process and technology consultancy is one of ESG's key areas of expertise. By enabling technology transfer between markets, we make a significant contribution to the added value of our customers.

About AVNET:
AVNET is an Israeli cyber security company specializing in building cyber security resilience since 1995 globally. AVNET employees’ DNA is a unique team of Ex-IDF intelligence officers and cyber security experts listed in the leading “Cyber Security Hall of Fame” lists and are recognized with high-end certifications. AVNET accumulated an unmatched cyber security knowledge base and best practices in HLS, Government, Financial institutes, ICS and SCADA sectors. AVNET has invested its unique cyber security knowledge and experience along with IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), to co-develop Tame Range. Tame Range is a turnkey cyber competency center, a proprietary technology to address today’s shortage in the cyber security workforce. It is designed to efficiently conduct and manage an interactive classroom, automate sophisticated attacks, monitor students’ performance, and guide the instructor through the knowledge transfer and methodology building process in versatile disciplines: Defence, Offense, Forensics and ICS. The Tame Range Cyber Lab comes with a built-in catalog that provides controlled, isolated and customizable network environments to conduct any type of training or research.

For additional details about AVNET Cyber Range Facility contact:
Amir Barel, Head of Global Sales & Business Development
Avnet - Cyber & Information Security
phone: +972 50 7637637

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